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Has this ever happened to you?

Recently we’ve been asked – by family and friends – about the impact of artificial intelligence on our work. And you’ll see a lot of influential people with all kinds of answers. Our vision is full of edges and vectors. If you are in the 3D world, we want to share all these questions with you. Hopefully they will help you feel supported.

On the one hand, we feel that many of the tools as we know them will change in the very short term. They will become simpler and their learning curves shorter. Not so long ago, having sufficiently organised resource libraries of a certain quality was a tedious and repetitive task. It would have been unthinkable for an architectural firm to have such a quantity of furniture, trees and so on. But both Chaos and other platforms understood that their chances of reaching a wider audience lay in targeting all types of users beyond the professionals.

And in a few months, with the arrival of “Cosmos”, all the images of the same figures and trees were repeated everywhere. The quality of the images we see on Instagram is becoming the same, and there are only two ways to combat this.

The first is consistency. A good infographer is not the one who makes good images. It’s the one who demonstrates that he or she can make them in a wide range of circumstances. Our ‘art’ does not require a privileged hand. In fact, our website took a while to get the .art domain, and it wasn’t so much a realisation as a goal.

The second is empowerment. For us, an image is a conversation. Projects have to develop in our hands. We don’t understand studios that see their work as a finished product. Excessive zeal can make you lose perspective. We are part of an immense process. Our value increases when architecture is enhanced by our work.

So what role will artificial intelligence play in all this? A lot. And very little. We would much rather give a prompt than wait for a rendering square to move across the screen. The workflow will be radically different in a few years’ time. There may be strange times ahead when many clients think they can do without our services. Those clients will have to make their own way back and forth. Take the opportunity to evolve in all those areas where you thought you were stagnating. Keep going. Refine your methodology and seek beauty above all.

Recently, Pablo Eloy and I were walking through Madrid after a few cocktails. In the space of less than a kilometre we came across three constructed buildings that we had photographed for the competition. Pablo started shouting, “It can’t be a coincidence! I smiled with some pride. Eloy took the lock off the bike.

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Drama is an architectural visualisation studio. We live in the place where projects are born. Halfway between reverie and matter. 
We work to remain in the memory and we aspire, when architecture makes its way, to be forgotten.

Drama is an Architectural Visualization Studio. We live in the place where projects are born. Halfway between reverie and matter. 
We work to remain in the memory and we aspire, when architecture makes its way, to be forgotten.